Recondition old headlampsauto mechanic worker polishing car headlight at automobile repair and renew service station shop

Don’t buy new headlights, recondition them. We give your headlight the shine it had 5 years ago. Your headlight lens should be clear so driving is safer and your vehicle looks better. We sand and buff the headlight. Only $50 each headlight.

Recondition alloy rims

Are your alloy wheels damaged? Curb damage, corrosion, scratches… we can fix the rim. Don’t spend hundreds on a new rim, repair the rim you have. Only $150-$175 each.

Protect your paintistock_000019875299x

We can apply a clear film to the front of your vehicle to protect your paint. Rocks are the #1 cause of chips to your paint. Protect the vulnerable areas of your vehicle with a clear film that will protect your vehicle. Front bumper, hood, fenders and mirrors will be protected from all kinds of debris. Prolong the life off your vehicle. $695.00 for most models.

Add a pinstripe to your vehicle

Want your vehicle to stand out? Add a pinstripe to the sides of your vehicle. 2 types of pinstripes are available, painted and taped. Taped pinstripes are only $75.00. Painted stripes are $150.00

Gold plate emblems

Turn those chrome emblems into gold emblems. A 24 karat gold material is applied to your current emblems, logos, etc… to give your vehicle a luxury look. Prices vary. One emblem cost around $150.00 and about $50 for each emblem after that.