How to Prepare Your Car for the Winter

If living in an area in which a snowy winter climate is normal, then you must be fully aware of how dangerous it can be driving in winter weather conditions. Driving in snow can be hazardous and the last thing you need is for your car to break down while it is snowing. The best way to prepare your car for the winter months is by having an inspection before winter begins. Be fully aware of the condition your car is in and if your car needs repairs. Here are steps that be taken to ensure that your car is fully equipped to face any winter conditions.

• Tune-Ups

Get your car ready for the winter by first getting a tune-up. Make sure that your car is in proper working order for the winter. Cold weather has a tendency to magnify any existing car issues. Remediate any issue now before they become a major issue.

• Battery

Have the battery checked before the winter season, driving in the snow can take a toll on the battery.

• Antifreeze

Make sure that your antifreeze is filled in the cooling system. The antifreeze should be filled every two years.

• Heating System

The heating system and wiper blades should be working properly. Wiper blades should be replaced every 6 months, but choosing winter specific wiper blades will work best.

• Tires

The tire treads should be checked to ensure that the tires are ready for the winter season. Also, continue to check tire pressure weekly.

• Check Breaks

The breaks must be checked before the winter season. The breaks are vital to ensure that your car will be safe when driving in the snow.

• Exhaust Systems

Have your exhaust systems checked, Carbon Monoxide is a real threat during the winter while your windows are closed while driving.

• Lights

Make sure that all lights, both interior, and exterior are working properly. Also, have your headlamps checked so they are pointed in the right direction.

• Oil/ Filter

Dirty oil and filters can lead to bigger issues in the winter. Ask your local technician about winter weighted oil and check fuel, transition and air filters at the same time.


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